Hunter Laing Tullibardine Tasting Notes

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Scotch Whisky H-Z, Tullibardine

Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask Tullibardine 1994 (21 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2544/ Dist: May 1994 Btl: Nov 2015/ Tasted: Dec 2015

Heavy, balsamic baked fruit aromas with barley, dusty oak and subtle dried fruit. Slightly earthy with the barley developing a sweeter edge. With time an almost grainy fresh note appears to balance the balsamic character.

The palate is herbal and ever so lightly cardboardy with earthy baked fruit and malt. Medium length with lingering lightly spiced baked fruit and earth.

Old Malt Cask Tullibardine 1991? (23 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2378/ Tasted: May 2014

A hard nose of brittle barley, baked fruit, herbs, coffee, chicory and lightly creamy oak. With time it becomes quite leafy with dried grass, lightly oiled lemon and dusty, sub-industrial spices. All pleasantly balanced though.

The palate is a little hard, like the nose, but that’s often the way with Tulli. Creamy oak, toffee and a little honey soften. Hints of barley, apricot, baked fruit and mature oak emerge. A little hot on the finish with crisp citrus coming through to join the barley and dusty, clean, spices. Good intensity with a lightly oiled finish and a touch of Tequilla-esque fruit.



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