Teeling Whiskey Company Tasting Notes

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Bushmills, Irish Whiskey

Teeling Single Malt 46%

Tasted: Feb 2014

Nose: oily and sweet with some aromatic pot still spices(?) Hints of rhubarb, green fruit and herbs. Pleasantly intense with some creamy, toffee’d oak coming through.

Palate: A little watery to be honest and quite toffee’d. The dominating oak subdues the fruit somewhat.

Finish: Sweet and oaky but soft.

Teeling Revival Volume II 46%

Tasted: Oct 2016

Nose: Fresh, grassy and citric with sweet barley and a hint of orange blossom honey. Young and enticing with hints of unsweetened digestive biscuits and herbaceous notes.

Palate: Fuller and a little oilier with a touch of vanilla oak. Lovely depth of honey coated apricot and pear and the vitality returns as the citrus notes come through on the middle.

Finish: Long and citric (lime and orange) with some biting spices and dry oaky notes.

Conclusion: Wonderfully vibrant and inviting, just like an Irish girl I once knew!

Teeling Vintage Reserve 21 year old 46%

20 years maturing in American oak before being married together in ex-Sauternes barrels

Nose: Crisp, earthy and spicy with hints of peat, menthol and camphor. A little soft, almost grainy pot-still like note comes through and the camphor notes have definitely ramped up the freshness factor! An absolutely storming nose, showing some maturity and with time some coal dust and buttery vanillins.

Palate: Feels quite mature. Crisp, edgy, excitable grainy spice notes hit the tongue followed by a little dried fruit sherry richness(?). Now the moist treacle gets going along with fruit-cake character. Softly smoked and beautifully soft.

Finish: Long with the camphor and light herbal botanicals lingering and exiting with just a whiff of smoke.

Conclusion: Amazingly complex. There is just so much going on here. I’m guessing that this is possibly a vatting of malt and pot still spirit with peat and sherry.

Teeling Vintage Reserve 21 year old 46%

Re-Tasted: Jan 2014

Nose: A lovely fruity nose – Tangerine, Satsuma and grapefruit. The fruit displays a lovely, natural pithy quality along with some dense, herbal honey, lightly dusty oak and a little fish oils and leafy herbs. Wonderful sweet/ sour balance which with time moves towards the sour end of the spectrum. (3.7)

Palate: Luscious, complex and juicy with candies lemon peel, orange, grapefruit, barley and lashing of manuka honey. Gentle if slightly bitter spices build towards the middle but the hjuicy fruit and honey keeps the balance amazingly well. (3.7)

Finish: A lovely, golden syrup coated citrus fruit finish. Some drying spices at the death and the after-taste is wonderfully herbal. (1.7)

Conclusion: A whisky that has come together magnificently and really grows on you.

Teeling 24 year old 46%

WWA 2016 Best Irish Single malt

Btl: Feb 2015/ Tasted: Feb 2016

Nose: Opens with toffee malt, coffee and butter. Hints of herbal infused baked dried fruit and developing citrus and gooseberry notes.

Palate: Juicy Oloroso fruit and hints of sweet peat with lightly syrup coated fruit, coffee and spice. Wonderfully fresh, deep and complex.

Finish: Long and gently herbal with lingering earth and coffee.

Conclusion: Quite mature but showing some amazing freshness.



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