Fruko Schulz Tasting Notes

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Absinthe, White Spirits

Red Absinth 70%

Coloured with E129 (Allura Red AC – originally manufactured from coal tar, but is now mostly made from petroleum.) and E132 (Indigo Carmine)

Tasted: Jan 2014

A pretty plain nose of alcohol and aniseed. The palate isn’t really anymore inspiring with sweet liquorice / aniseed, alcohol and an intense menthol and peppery finish. Water makes the palate sweeter and cloying on the finish. 

Black Absinth 70%

Coloured with E151 (Brilliant Black PN), E102 (Tartrazine), E110 (Sunset Yellow FCF) and E172 (Iron Oxides)

Tasted: Jan 2014

A nose of spicy liquorice, smoke and alcohol. Water emphasises the smoke. The palate is soft with liquorice, treacle and alcohol! Again a slight mentholated note ion the sweet finish. Water makes it a touch thicker and treacly. 

Green Absinth 70%

Coloured with E133 (Brilliant Blue FCF) and E102 (Tartrazine)

Tasted: Jan 2014

The nose is smokier and displays more ‘spirit’ character. The aromas are more ‘traditional’ with hints of soap, mint, menthol along with a light wormwood note. 

The palate is again more ‘traditional’ and slightly soapy/ oily. Hints of menthol, aniseed. Quite sweet and lingering, Water emphasises the mint and again makes it sweeter.


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