Zuidam Tasting Notes

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Dutch Gin/ Genever, Gin

Zuidam Genever 35%

Tasted: Feb 2010

Pungent yet quite subtle. Oily cereal mingles with a touch of juniper and botanicals. Quite creamy and soft with the oak aging adding a noticeable vanilla character. The oak theme continues on to the palate and the subtle creamy cereal/ botanicals shows themselves on the middle. The vanilla thread continues as the grain gently nips on the finish.

Zuidam Young Grain Genever 35%

Triple distilled from a mash of malted barley, rye and corn. Fourth distillation with herbs and spices

Tasted: Nov 2014

Deep, lightly nutty and oily aromas with hints of corn, barley and warm vanilla. The aromas are more about the ‘spirit character’ but there are hints of juniper, citrus, herbs and a light rye spice.

The palate is full, nutty and buscuity. With plenty of corn, barley and vanilla notes. A touch of juniper comes through on the middle with a light bittering spice and citrus. Long with the spice notes lingering


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