Bend Distillery Inc Tasting Notes

Posted: April 29, 2014 in American Gin, Gin

Crater Lake Gin 47.5%

Tasted Nov/ Dec 2013

Infused with Juniper only

A soft and very smoky nose, which only lets through a little juniper note. In fact it’s fairly neutral under all the smoke.  

The palate is soft and very neutral with not much juniper or anything else for that matter. The finish is soft and lightly spiced. Conclusion: This isn’t gin, its vodka!

 Crater Lake Gin 47.5%

Re-Tasted Jan 2014

Soft and milky/ creamy aromas with a suggestion of spice (turmeric?) and juniper. Quite a bit of ‘spirit’ character which comes out with a drop of water as do hints of burnt biscuit.  

The palate is very dry, woody and alcoholic! Diluted it’s extremely bland!. The finish is alcoholic and bitter.  

Crater Lake Estate Gin 42.5%

Tasted Jan 2014

The nose has an abundance of immature, oily spirit and immature oak with a hint of botanicals.  

The palate is oily and immature – cereally spirit and nascent, bitter oak (chips?) A little dry, dusty and bitter, although a touch of sweet lemon tries to emerge. Finish: Short and bland. Conclusion: Hmm! Not exactly a world beater! 

Crater Lake Estate Gin 42.5%

Re-Tasted: Feb 2-14

The nose is slightly oily and immature with hints of sweet vanilla oak, juniper, herbs, aniseed.  

Slightly oily on the palate with hints of toasted caramel, which becomes a little on the burnt side with time. Quite herbal on the middle with a touch of juniper and soft spice. Medium length with the juniper and oak notes lingering. Conclusion: The oak is pretty subtle but the spirit is a little straightforward.


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