Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Tasting Notes

Posted: April 21, 2014 in English Gin, Gin

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Bathtub Gin 43.3%

Master of Malts

Tasted Nov/ Dec 2013

Infused with ingredients including Juniper, Orange Peel, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves and Cardamom

The nose is pleasantly pungent with juniper, berries and sweet orange rind, which as a slight burnt edge. There are hints of woody spice and burnt wood.

Soft and creamy on the palate, lightly peppery with juniper and some sweeter spice notes. Good spicy finish with some light berry notes and tart citrus. A pleasant nose but the complexity doesn’t follow through to the palate.

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Bathtub Gin 43.3%

Re-Tasted Jan 2014

A monstrously, intensely sweet and aromatic nose. Very full with sweet cinnamon spice, sweet pepper and sweet juniper.

The palate is quite oily and a little on the bland side to be honest with hints of perfumed flowers and bitter spice – where has the sweetness gone? (batch variation?) Good length with no shortage of lemon and bitter spice. In conclusion: Gin on steroids!

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Navy Strength Gin 57%

Oak Aged

Tasted Jan 2014

An intense, pungent and manurey nose with juniper, earth and oily honey. Lightly mentholated but also light musty with more than a touch of bitter oak. Water brings out more menthol and a touch of pepper.

Quite sweet and honeyed on the palate with again that musty spice marring the palate. Brutally alcoholic and bitter. Water tames the alcohol but not the must spice. The finish is damp and musty. In conclusion: Not totally unpleasant but the mustiness lets it down.

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Navy Strength Gin 57%

Re-Tasted: Feb 2014

Pungent juniper and soapy vanilla nose, along with oily honey, lightly mentholated herbs, slightly bitter liquorice and bitter oak. A drop of water sweetens the nose.

The palate is slightly musty and damp with hints of wet cardboard. Quite alcoholic with hints of honey, sweet juniper, orange peel, liquorice and bitter spice. Like the nose dilution sweetens the palate. Intensely alcoholic finish with the damp/ musty notes lingering. If only it wasn’t musty it might have been quite pleasant!


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