Hayman Distillers Tasting Notes

Posted: April 21, 2014 in English Gin, Gin

Hayman’s London Dry Gin 40%

Distilled using juniper, coriander, orange and lemon peel

Tasted Nov/ Dec 2013

The nose is fresh and quite citrusy with juniper, cinnamon, woody, barky spices and a touch of smoke.

Soft and slightly creamy on the palate with hints of juniper, citrus and soft spice. Very dry with a dusty spice finish.  A pleasant, quite woody and spicy gin. 

Hayman’s London Dry Gin 40%

Tasted Jan 2014

A sinus clearing nose with plenty of menthol, aniseed and juniper. The spirit displays a pleasant milky character and opens to show hints of undergrowth/ bracken and pepper.

The palate is quite fresh and slightly mentholated with lightly sweetened juniper, herbs and coriander. Not as mentholated as the nose but it still has a lovely intensity. Good length with the dry spice lingering.  A wakey-wakey breakfast gin?

Hayman’s London Dry Gin 40%

Re-Tasted: Mar 2017

Classic London dry aromas with a lovely balance of slightly smoky juniper and sweet citrus, joined by a light woody/ barky nutmeg, coriander and cassia note.

The palate is full but fresh and citric with some smoky juniper and dusty spice. Lovely lemon accented finish but the nutmeg and cassia notes linger.

Haymans Old Tom Gin 40%

Tasted: Apr 2015

The nose is gently sweet with a fair degree of juniper, elderflower(?) and coriander. Pleasantly full and soft.

The palate is quite herbal and fresher than the nose with the sweetness relegated to the background. Hints of lime, lemon and herbs appear. Again quite juniper with some gentle spices. Very peppery, almost chilli pepper-esque on the finish, giving it a real warmth. Slightly woody after-taste.

Hayman’s Old Tom 40%

Sweetened post distillation with cane sugar.

Re-Tasted: Mar 2017

A subtly sweet nose, but that sweetness remains in the background allowing the subtle juniper, lemon, cassia and coriander and cinnamon to show.

The palate is initially sweet and a little perfumed but the lemon notes come through to fre4shen the middle and allow the barky cassia, coriander and cinnamon to come through. Long and balanced with a very lemony finish.

Hayman’s Sloe Gin 26%

Tasted: Mar 2017

A dusty nose of cumin(?), smoky berries, plums and lightly medicinal herbs.

The palate isn’t overly sweet; in fact the sloe berries are quite smoky and bitter. Subtle marzipan and juniper notes follow along with developing citrus. Good length with a lovely, sweet berry and light syrup finish.


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