Teeling Whiskey Company Tasting Notes

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Blended Irish Whiskey, Blended Whisky

Teeling Whiskey Co Small Batch Blend 46%

A Blend of Cooley malt and grain aged in first fill American oak and finished for 4 months in ex Flor de Cana Rum Casks selected by Dr Jim Swann

Tasted: Mar 2013

The nose opens with the soft and spicy grain, which develops a lovely floral edge, followed by luscious honey and vanilla which has a distinct liquor like dénouement along with a touch of crystalised orange. The Rum cask envelops buut doesn’t blanket the nose adding sweet dried fruit and a hint of molasses. Now that may sound like it a big sweetie but the spirit imparts a lovely freshness and with time a touch of loam and wood spice emerges.

The palate opens with the soft, honeyed, vanilla’d and treacle coated fruit. Seriously weighty and relatively sweet, but the herbal grain begins to assert itself, but the voluptuous honeyed notes hold until the grain breaks through. Lovely length with the light treacle and wood spices coating the mouth, but grain balances and keeps the finish fresh and vibrant.

Teeling Whiskey Co Small Batch Blend 46%

Re-Tasted: Oct 2014

Initially the high toned, neutral grain notes emerge first on the nose. However it’s not long before they are joined by some lovely, sweet-ish, thick barley and honey along with a touch of citrus, biscuit and dried rummy fruit. With time the apricot and banana fruit and honey really fill the senses.

The palate is full and soft with plenty of herbal honey and buscuity notes. Very fruity, like the nose with apricot, banana, barley and a touch of dried fruit. The grain gently nips, balancing the sweetness. Beautifully balanced with a floral and spicy finish.

Teeling Whiskey Co Small Batch Blend 46%

Re-Tasted: Jan 2017

Nose: Heavy, oily and herbal with rummy/ grainy dried fruit and hints of treacle, prunes and malt. Showing some maturity with a lovely supple character. With time it becomes very rummy.

Palate: A little shy to begin with but it displays the rum-like character from the nose along with mature grain, malt and spice.

Finish: Long and spicy with the rummy dried fruit lingering along with pepper, coffee’d tannins and balancing treacle notes.

Conclusion: Quite heavy on the grain, but it shows some excellent maturity and the finish is suberb.

Teeling Whiskey Co Small Batch Blend 46%

Re-Tasted: Jan 2017

The nose is quite grainy with sweet dried fruit and just a smidge of malt. Crisper and heavier on the grain, thus not as fruity as I remember. Hints of vanilla oak, spice and subtle rum notes follow.

The palate is a little fuller with plenty of grainy dried fruit augmented by a subtle rum sweetness. Hints of cereal and spice on the middle, but again it doesn’t have the malt roundness of previous bottlings. Long and remaining grainy with a tart lemon finish and lingering sweet but drying woody spice.



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