Speciality Brands Tasting Notes

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Scotch Whisky H-Z, Unspecified Scottish Single Malts

Port Askaig 8 year old 45.8%

Tasted: Feb 2017

Aromas of sweet barley and crisp, salty notes along with lightly phenolic peat and oily Caol Ila fruit. Lightly smoky and manurey with a subtle touch of oak. With time the fruit becomes quite grassy and Sauvignon Blanc-esque.

Full and salty on the palate with hints of earthy peat and burnt wood. Lightly phenolic and crisper on the middle as the white fruit and citrus arrive. Lightly smoky finish with the richer, oilier fruit arriving along with a touch of menthol, camphor and herbal peat.

Port Askaig 12 year old 45.8%

Coal Ila bottled by Speciality Brands

Tasted: Mar 2013

A fresh, lemony and salty nose with a light tarry-peat, creosote and garden fruit note. The aromas definitely have an old skool Caol Ila character. There’s a pleasant barley sweetness with hints of charred driftwood and American oak. With time it becomes quite earthy and herbal.

The palate is not quite as fresh as the nose which is in part due to the oak making inroads. A touch creamy but still pleasantly salty with hints of earthy-peat, parma violets and a good, fresh salty/ citrus middle as he spirit escapes the oak. Lovely length with white peach, pear and apple along with hints of peat smoke and a sweet earthiness. I think if this had been bottled at 40% the alcohol wouldn’t have imparted the same degree of freshness. That theory is attested to once diluted.

Port Askaig 19 year old 45.8%

Coal Ila bottled by Speciality Brands

Tasted: Mar 2013

The aromas are rather herbal in nature with a gentle, but astringent maritime note and a touch of lemon. Mature and lightly peated with the peat developing a manure note along with hints of compost and lightly sweetened barley. Cleaner with less oak than the 12 year old.

The oak although not so noticeable of the nose is definitely noticeable on the palate, and leads off with a pleasant sweet creaminess. Again lightly peated with earth, herbs and a touch of smoke. The middle displays a vibrant coastalness aided by the alcohol. Long with an oily, lightly tarred rope finish and a return of the sweet parma violets and barley. Good sweet/ sour balance with a relatively fresh and herbal character throughout.



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