Koval Distillery Tasting Notes

Posted: March 20, 2013 in American Whiskies, Whiskies

Lion’s Pride Bourbon, Koval Distillery 47%

A Single Barrel Bourbon aged in heavily charred American oak.

Tasted: Dec 2012

Nose: Where’s the oak? The lack of oak laid the spirit bare and it’s not especially great spirit at that! Lightly turpentine in character with hints of plastic feints and rubbery vanilla.

Palate: Confected and sweet with lightly toasted caramel and banana. Again no real oak interaction just oily spirit.

Finish. Very alcoholic with a continuation of the banana theme and a touch of rose petal marc.

Conclusion: Nasty. What deluded soul thought this was good enough to win? [the 2013 World Whisky Awards]

Koval Single Barrel Bourbon 47%

Tasted: Sept 2016

Nose: Quite herbal and chocolaty with plenty of youthful rye. Hints of orange conserve, earthy spice and subtle oak. The corn eventually arrives to add weight.

Palate: Bizarre! Very botanical. In fact it’s like a very lightly oaked gin! Where’s the bourbon character gone?

Finish: Intense and mouth-watering with biting, bitter oak and lingering botanicals.

Conclusion: I really don’t know what to make of this. Did someone swap my glass between nosing it and tasting it?

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