Littlemill Distillery Bottlings Tasting Notes

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Littlemill, Scotch Whisky H-Z

Littlemill No Age Statement 40% 5cl

Tasted: July 2012

A slightly spirity nose of marshmallows and grist along with some sweet American oak vanillins. Slightly grassy with some oxidised dried fruit. The oak becomes rather creamy and starts to dominate the nose.

The palate is very much like the nose, soft, vanilla’d and very creamy. There is a touch of grass and a slight gristiness however. A shade on the innocuous side, which is probably why this was bottled as a 5cl miniature, but a good length with some sweetness and a touch of bitterness from the oak on the finish.

Littlemill 12 year old 40%

Tasted: Jan 2013

A soft and quite grainy nose which displays a pronounced alcohol prickle. There is rather a large amount of oak and I get the impression this is a lot older than 12 years. (Upon doing some research it’s closer to 19). Slightly toasty with those big vanillins becoming quite toffee’d. Maybe there’s a touch of grass but it’s hard to see through all the oak.

The palate is toasty oak city – toffee and caramel by the bucketful. There’s no real spirit character left as it’s spent far too long in wood.

Littlemill 25 year old – Private Cellar Edition 2015 50.4%

Initially matured in 10 American and European oak casks before being married and finished in first-fill Oloroso Sherry casks.

Tasted: Mar 2016

Nose: Gritty Oloroso sherry with prune, walnut, raisin and dusty spice. I can sense a little rose petal spirit note beneath but the clean sherry is the overriding character.

Palate: All sherry cask, like the nose. Molasses, prune, cinnamon and walnut. A little irony on the middle and the combination of tannins and alcohol make it quite dry.

Finish: Long and sherried with the alcohol making it quite mouth-watering. Finished with a dry, spicy flourish.

Conclusion: I’ve never been a fan of ageing Lowland whisky in first fill Oloroso as it totally obscures any distillery character. On the plus side it’s spotlessly clean sherry.



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