Douglas Laing Linkwood Tasting Notes

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Linkwood, Scotch Whisky H-Z

Douglas Laing Directors Cut Linkwood 1984 (30 year old) 52.7%

Bourbon/ Code: DIR0076/ Dist: Jan 1984 Btl: Mar 2014/ Tasted: Apr 2014

A huge nose, deep and seductive with oddles of dense but fragrant honey and pollen laden flowers. Divinely mature oak notes mingle with dusty barley and honey. A classic robust spey with a lovely balancing citrus note along with hints of gentle spice, burnt coffee, rose petals, fern and moss.

The palate is wonderfully full and soft, opening with vanilla laced honey, sweet spice and mature oak coated in honey. Quite malty on the middle with a sliver of lime and herbal notes. Very long, if a little drying with hints of orange conserve, light coffee and finally the gorgeous, dusty American oak. Wow those spices really linger along with a light chocolaty note


Douglas Laing Old Particular Linkwood 1997 (17 year old) 48.4%

Code: OLD0139/ Dist: Jun 1997 Btl: Sept 2014/ Tasted: Oct 2014

Lovely, deep, fresh aromas of citrus, apricot and moist, light honey, followed by some gentle oak notes. The oak becomes a little dusty and sweet with time.

The palate opens with dusty barley and soft oak. Lovely interplay between the oily oak vanillins, citrus and the barley on the middle. Good length with hints of leather, grapefruit and grass in the finish.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Linkwood 1995 (21 year old) 51.5%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: OLD0353/ DL11357

Dist: May 1995 Btl: Sept 2016/ Tasted: Oct 2016

The nose displays no shortage of dusty American oak and charred oak. A touch of taught barley creates a counter balance as dose a touch of citrus. Subtly honeyed but really vibrant.

The palate opens with the mature barley, malt and coffee laced honey. Darker than the nose would suggest with more spice notes. The charred oak comes through on the middle and the finish is long and citric with some seriously mouth-watering fruit and the barley returning. Slightly bitters at the end but the balance is spot on!


Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Linkwood 1991 (19 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2219/ Dist: Sept 1991 Btl: Nov 2012/ Tasted: Nov 2012

Seriously malty and beefy aromas along with hints of marmite, brown sugar and light peat. A touch of lime gives the nose a little lift. The oak just plays a supporting role.

The palate opens with more of the oak character, sweet vanilla and castor sugar. Actually the oak is beginning to dig in now although there is a touch of barley and fleshy apricot fruit. The piquant alcohol clears the oak allowing the malty/ beefy notes from the nose through. Good length with hints of dark spice, molasses and brown sugar on the finish.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Linkwood 1990 (21 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2159/ Dist: May 1990 Btl: July 2012/ Tasted: July 2012

A lovely, crisp and granity nose with hints of slightly sweet, floral honey. Stunningly deep with late notes of tobacco, old wood, hickory, malt and earth. The wood notes become quite pronounced witrh time but display a wonderful maturity.

The palate opens with the dark, woody notes, malt and honey followed by seeped, slightly dried fruit, dark chocolate and spice. The wonderfully mature American oak comes through on the middle and fades into a long, oxidised dried fruit finish with hints of leather and light walnut.


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