Douglas Laing Glencadam Tasting Notes

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Glencadam, Scotch Whisky A-G

Douglas Laing Old Particular Glencadam 1998 (18 year old) 48.4%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: OL|D0391/ DL11474

Dist: May 1998 Btl: Nov 2016/ Tasted: Jan 2017

Aromas of clotted cream, violets, heather and mountains of deliciously creamy oak and barley. Hints gooseberry and lime adds a freshness and allows a little tropical fruit to emerge. That’s a seriously gorgeous nose.

The palate is full and vanilla’d with an exuberant depth of tropical fruit, barley and sweet oak. Very deep with developing citrus and barley notes. Good, lightly oiled finish. Maybe not hugely complex but it’s a delightful dram nevertheless.


Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glencadam 1990 (21 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2156/ Dist: Oct 1990 Btl: Apr 2012/ Tasted: Apr 2012

Slightly spirity and tightly wound with some alcoholic orange. Slightly waxy with hints of cinnamon and turmeric. With time the nose does eventually settle down and become more perfumed. Slightly creamy, mature oak with hints of thyme and mint.

The palate opens with some gentle orange fruit, spice and grippy oak. It feels very old (a bit cardboardy) with some dried grapefruit juice, pear and light, old barley. Good length but the oak really bites and I feel that this cask’s best days were behind it.


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