Douglas Laing Glenturret Tasting Notes

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Glenturret, Scotch Whisky A-G

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenturret 1994 (16 year old) 50%

Sherry/ Code: OMC2205/ Dist: Sept 1994 Btl: Nov 2012/ Tasted: Nov 2012

The nose is heavy with the leafy Oloroso character with a side serving of molasses, treacle, coffee and dark honey. However a light citrus not brightens the aromas. Gently spiced with plenty of sweet, dried fruit.

Soft, full and gently spiced on the palate. Very much mirroring the nose with sweet Oloroso, treacle, dried fruit and plenty of peppery spice, which builds and intensifies on the middle, again the citrus arrives along with some luscious, honeyed dark malt and treacle. Wonderfully soft and succulent! Lovely length with hints of burnt wood, demerara sugar along with a return of the sherry leafiness. Ok, so you can argue that there isn’t any distillery character but the sherry character is wonderfully clean and complex.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Glenturret 1994 (17 year old) 50%

Sherry/ Code: OMC2135/ Dist: Sept 1994 Btl: Jan 2012/ Tasted: Jan 2012

The nose is quite sulphured and rather industrial, which was not what I was expecting. Rather murky with some spicy citrus aromas attempting to emerge from the sulphur fug.

The palate is short, alcoholic with a touch of spicy, baked fruit and a lot more than a touch of sulphur! Pleasant? Ah, no!

Douglas Laing Old Particular Glenturret 1988 (27 year old) 45.4%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: OLD0290/ DL11092

Dist: Dec 1988 Btl: Mar 2016/ Tasted: Apr 2016

Aromas of damp earth and baked fruit with hints of ‘toshan-esque boiled sweets and rose petals. A touch of apricot, brandy butter, old vanilla, old herbs and light smoke follow. Very mature and intriguing!

The palate is soft, elegant and mature with creamy oak, barley and subtle wood spices. Lightly Cognac-esque dried fruit, brandy butter and gorgeous, mature American oak comes through on the middle. Very long with lingering baked fruit, sweet heather and oak. Superb depth and complexity with a finish that lasts for minutes!

Douglas Laing Old Particular Glenturret 1987 (28 year old) 45.9%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: OLD0333/ DL11199

Dist: Nov 1987 Btl: Jun 2016/ Tasted: Oct 2016

Quite herbal (marjoram) and ferny on the nose with a touch of cardboardy spice and linseed. A little musty to be honest but there’s some sweet barley beneath.

The palate is initially a little flat with hints of malt, oak and subtle spice. Not quite as funky as the nose with a pleasantly, dusty spice middle. Long, crisp and citric with ferny and herbal notes along with a light creamy oak finish. Not the greatest nose in the world but the palate sort of redeems itself.




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