Douglas Laing Littlemill Tasting Notes

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Littlemill, Scotch Whisky H-Z

Douglas Laing Directors Cut Littlemill 1988 (25 year old) 56.2%

Bourbon/ Code: DIR0087/ Dist: Nov 1988 Btl: June 2014/ Tasted: July 2014

A superb nose of sparkling lemon and elderflower with taught, lightly herbal honey and a touch of pollen. Some lightly oxidised apricot, juicy date, dried grape, creamy vanilla and dried grass comes through along with some ‘toshan like boiled sweet notes. This is a very complex and evolving nose. With time it becomes quite malty and bready with a touch of under-ripened banana, clove, cinnamon emerging, but all the time that bracing, fresh lemon note lingers.

The palate opens with herbal honey, mature citrus, barley and clarified butter oak notes. Some deft sweet spice notes are interwoven. Lightly creamy on the middle with hints of malt and dried grass along with some oxidation character and a little dark grain note. Seriously intriguing and amazingly long with a lovely, thick and spicy finish showing a touch of dark/ milk chocolate, clove, boiled sweets and rose water notes.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Littlemill 1991 (20 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2093/ Dist: Nov 1991 Btl: Dec 2011/ Tasted: Dec 2011

A very fresh and fern like nose with some beautifully sweet barley and crisp honey. I’m amazed at how fresh the nose is after all this time in the cask. With time it becomes beautifully fragrant.

The palate is softy and gentle. Less fresh than the nose but displaying more earthy spices. The oak really starts to grip early on though and although there are some fern/ bracken and citrus notes the overwhelming flavours come from the oak – butter, caramel, toast. It finishes rather short and hot as well. It’s a shame but not unexpected that oak has unbalanced this as the nose was lovely.

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Littlemill 1991 (21 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2238/ Dist: Nov 1991 Btl: Feb 2013/ Tasted: Mar 2013

A lovely fresh and grassy nose with some slightly gristy, sweet/ honeyed barley along with hints of dusty wood spices, bark and some gentle, sweet oak.

The palate is quite full and honeyed with light white fruit, mature toffee’d oak and some lovely granity citrus notes. Slightly woody with a malty-baked fruit finish but with plenty of fresh citrus and light sugar notes. A delightfully mature Lowland.

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