Dewar Rattray Tasting Notes

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Scotch Whisky H-Z, Unspecified Scottish Single Malts

Stronachie 10 year old 43%

Distilled at Benrinnes


Tasted: May 2014

A hard but fragrant nose of dusty barley, fleshy apricot, under ripened banana and green fruit. Lightly grassy and earthy with the fruit sweetness balancing the harder notes.

The palate is a little softer and fleshier and certainly not as hard as the nose – the fruit sweetness off sets it. Also there are plenty of American oak vanillins and barley. Lightly peppery on the middle with a granity/ hard, lightly honeyed finish and a green fruit after-taste.

Stronachie 12 year old 43%

Tasted: Jan 2007

A lovely nose. Fruity and sherried with menthol, earth and green herbs. There’s some lovely natural honey. Rounded and soft. The palate is fruity with no surprise – plenty of sherried fruit and earth. Good balance, easy drinking, good value for money with a long lazy spiced finish.

Stronachie 12 year old (2009 Bottling) 43%

Sherry/ Tasted: Oct 2009

A pleasant pure sherry aroma, with dried fruit, a touch of coffee, tangerine/ Satsuma, caramel, herbal honey and bucket fulls of heather. A brief peat note wafts by as does a high toned spirit note.

The palate is soft and juicy with firm honey to begin. The sherry comes through on the middle the expected flavours and it finishes with hints of green nuts, leafy herbs, a touch of peat smoke, sweet liquorice and an encore from the firm honey. Possibly a bit more complex than the 2007 bottling, definitely displaying a greater degree of sherry, but still excellent value for money.

Stronachie 12 year old 46%

Batch 02/12

Tasted: July 2012

The nose reminds me of the Penderyn Sherrywood with its boiled sweet-like sherry and herbal marc-like notes. With time hints of toast, burnt caramel and earth appear.

Soft and quite succulent on the palate. The spirit is a touch on the youthful/hard/ industrial side but relatively rich and has some pleasant dried fruit moments. Like the nose the sherry is of the boiled sweet persuasion. Good length with some soft tannins and earthy spice on the finish.

Stronachie 18 year old 46%

Bourbon – Sherry/ Batch 18-10-01

Lovely deep aromas of sweet-ish, juicy fruit and subtle sherry notes. Slightly candied with some gristy barley lurking beneath. It has a good balancing crisp almost grainy note and a subtle floralness.

Very soft and juicy on the palate. Full of succulent apricot, honey and subtle sherry. This opens into an exceedingly malty middle followed by that balancing granity/ grainy note before finally moving into herbal territory. This has a lovely texture as the sherry returns adding liquorice and candied burnt chocolate notes. A real bargain!

Stronachie 18 year old (2014 Release) 46%

Distilled at Benrinnes


Tasted: May 2014

A crisp nose of firm honey with dusty American oak and spice. Quite fragrant with a distinct heathery character. With time the aromas begin to fill out as some crème caramel and buttery notes appear, however the granity citrus notes balance and add freshness.

The palate is full and softly honeyed with a touch of mature oak. Quite biscuity on the middle – caramel topped digestives to be precise with the honey developing along with some sweet spices. Very buttery finish as the oak gathers pace but like the nose the citrus and granity notes balance and finally some sub-tropical fruit emerges. It’s quite back-end loaded as it all seems to happen on the finish.

Stonachie 1976 (31 year old) 52.6%

Dist: 1976 Btl: 2007/ Tasted: May 2008

A lovely very sweet nose of chocolate and coffee. There is a grainy Bourbon like note which reminds me of old Invergordon along with a hint of violet. This is a really complex nose, very big with loads of vanilla and a touch of sherry. Quiet earthy and fruity with dusty/ smoky spices, mature liquid honey and a perfumed top not. Amazing I could sit an sniff this all night!

The palate is mature and dusty with liquid honey and toffee. Quite a bit of wood tannins but they mellow into cinnamon and sherry spices. The palate is a bit brash and maybe a touch less complex than the nose would suggest but it is resplendent of the most gorgeous honeyed orange fruit.

A drop of water mellows the nose and it shows its age and the mature honey now dominates the proceedings. On the palate it gives it more focus and purity and the tannins are now less prevalent and only really come through on the finish. All in all a delightful mature dram. Definitely one to contemplate.

Dewar Rattray Cask Islay 46%
Tasted: Feb 2014
A pungent and oily nose. Huge sweet barley notes mix with white chocolate and medicinal/herbal-peat along with a touch of tar, burnt wood, manure and bog myrtle.

Intense and youthful on the palate. Oily white fruit, sweet barley and light medicinal notes. The peat is definitely influence by the sweet barley. Lovely salty middle with a touch of herbs and white chocolate. Good smoky, dusty, tarry finish. Yep, it’s a young Islay.

A.D Rattray Cask Islay 46%

Re-Tasted: Sept 2015

Earthy, medicinal and peaty aromas mingle with robust barley and apricot notes. Intense, salty and 100% Islay!

The palate displays a lovely depth of sooty peat and smoke with again a good depth of barley beneath. Straightforward but pleasantly intense with a long, citric and peaty finish. It does exactly what it says on the tin!


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