Dewar Rattray Tamnavulin Tasting Notes

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Scotch Whisky H-Z, Tamnavulin

Dewar Rattray Tamnavulin 1989 (21 year old) 57.4%

Bourbon Cask 1750/ Dist: 1989 Btl: 2011/ Tasted: Feb 2011

The nose opens with a slightly dirty, earthy, malty-coffee aromas followed by some lanolin. I don’t think this has been matured in the best of casks as thereare a few off-wood notes. What fruit there was has become a bit raisinated and is crushed by the old buttery oak – and that is the overriding theme.

The palate is old, oily and full of lanolin and yet more old wood notes. The alcohol is tart and botanical and the finish is bitter and a bit dirty. It seems like both oak and spirt are extremely tired.

Dewar Rattray Tamnavulin 1988 (28 year old) 49.9%

Bourbon Hogshead 10027/ Dist: Jun 1988 Btl: July 2016/ Tasted: Sept 2016

An oily and dusty nose with a slight feinty edge. In fact it smells rather old and long in the tooth to be honest with some hard barley, vanilla, coffee and damp, rye-like herbal notes.

The palate opens with decaying rose petal marc, cardboard and malt. A touch of sweet vanilla and earthy spice attempts to inject some life but it reinforces the feeling that this cask is past it. Short and hot with a cardboardy and sweet jelly finish.


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