Wray and Nephew Tasting Notes

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Jamaica, Rum

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend 40%

A blend of 20Pot Still rums, aged for an average of 6 years.

Tasted: Dec 2016

The aromas are a little younger than the old 8 year old, but they display a good depth of typically broad, Jamaican dried fruit with a touch of burnt Demerara sugar, molasses and citrus.

The palate is a little lighter than the old 8 year old, but still quite rich and distinctly Jamaican, with subtle notes of molasses, dried fruit, cinnamon and Demerara sugar. Good intensity and length with a slightly herbal finish with lingering notes of roasted nuts.

Appleton Estate Jamaica 8 year old 40%

Tasted: Jan 2010

Huge, aromatic and punch aromas opening with a touch of smoke and more than a dollop of peat. It now moves into American Bourbon territory with sumptuous vanilla oak and finally complex baked banana, fig, raisin, dried plum and pineapple aromas emerge all coated in an exotic, nutty syrup.

The palate is delicately oily, unlike the nose it begins quiet delicately with the exotic dried fruit – banana, pineapple, raisns accentuated by a lime note on the middle. The oak cuts in to add a touch of bitterness and a bucket full of vanillins. Later a suggestion of peat arrives along with some molasses spices. Again great balance and length, definitely full of Jamaican character. It’s a case of the Caribbean meets Ardbeg inKentucky!

Appleton Estate Extra 12 year old 43%

Tasted: May 2014

A dense, moist fruitcakey nose of molasses, toasted toffee and light roasted coffee beans. A lovely, refreshing citrus freshens allowing hints of orange, dried banana, coconut, oily sultana notes and vanilla oak to emerge. Bold and full but a little lighter than the 8 year old with plenty of warming spice and herbal accented spice. With time that herbalness becomes a little agricole-esque. A beautifully vibrant nose.

The palate is full and elegant with a fresh, citrus opening. Again a little lighter than the 8 year old but the molasses, toffee, treacle and dark spices duly arrive. Some lovely, mature dried fruit comes through on the middle and the citrus continues to fend off the molasses richness. Eventually the citrus gives way to allow the molasses, brown sugar and cocoa notes to come through on the finish along with the dried fruit and a light smokiness.


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