Banks DIH Ltd Tasting Notes

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Guyana, Rum

VXO Extra Old 40%

A blend of spirits aged for at least 7 years in Sherry casks.

Tasted: Apr 2010

A really big nose of linseed oil and buckets of Demerara sugar. The sherry cask is pervasive but sits in the background. Soft and sweet, yet not overblown. It has distinctive aromas of rum and raisins and over time burnt toffee and charred oak notes emerge.

Again the palate is quite sweet, less oily than the nose would suggest with liquorice, Demerara sugar and dried raisinated fruit. Soft, gentle and mouth filling, although surprisingly simple. Personally I would have expected more complexity, but it is still pleasant with a good length.

XM Royal 10 year old 40%

Aged for 9 years in Bourbon casks, then blended and given a final year in Sherry casks.

Tasted: Apr 2010

Again a very big nose. Opening with charred/ toasted oak, light orange/ tangerine fruit before the dried fruits wade in. Hints of linseed oil and sherry cask, which develops a floral/ violet note. Lovely purity.

The palate is very whisky like, with a restrained sweetness. An absolute riot of dried fruit – dates, raisins and banana. Very complex with developing herbal/ vegetal notes on the middle. Superb intensity, and although only 40%, the alcohol seems top imbue it with more punch(?) and balances the sweetness well, leaving quiet a dry finish.


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