MacPhail’s Old Pulteney Tasting Notes

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Pulteney, Scotch Whisky H-Z

Gordon & MacPhails Old Pulteney 1995 (15 year old) 60.5%

First Fill Sherry Cask 1565

Dist: Aug 1995 Btl: Mar 2010/ Tasted: Mar 2012

A big, leafy, liquorice infused Oloroso nose with no shortage of alcohol. A very clean cask with dried fruit, lightly toasted nuts along with a touch of marzipan but minus any distillery character as expected. 

The palate opens with a profusion of nutty, leafy Oloroso. Loads od tannins, chocolate, alcohol and more alcohol. More chocolate, and more alcohol. Quite a creamy finish though, once the alcohol has passed. 

A drop of water makes very little change to the nose. It’s still all sherry cask, although more soft raisinated fruit, toffee and roasted coffee aromas have appeared. The palate has now become very luscious and creamy full of pure Java coffee……… but still no distillery character!

Gordon & MacPhails Old Pulteney 15 year old 40%

Refill Bourbon/ Tasted: Apr 2013 

Quite a briny nose with crystalised orange fruit. The fruit does have a slight confected quality along with a touch of violet and very fleshy white fruit. Pleasantly balanced with some malty, barley richness. 

The palate is full, juicy and fruity with some barley, crystalised fruit and a light salinity. The middle displays a lovely fresh succulent citrus note and is sprinkled with what could almost be sherry wood spices. Again pleasantly balanced with some old chocolaty wood coming through on the after-taste. 

Gordon & MacPhail Old Pulteney 1990 (16 year old) 59.0%

First Fill Sherry Butt  5469/ Dist: Oct 1990 Btl: May 2006/ Tasted: Mar 2007

A very eggy and sulphurous nose. Punished by raw sherry – rubber, treacle, molasses and coffee. Although it does have some orangy moments.  The palate is all sulphurous wood – tannins, liquorice, coffee, rubber with maybe some salt. Could be any old malt, of any old age! 

Water really doesn’t do much for it. It’s still all wood. One is left with the feeling this is a trailer trash car wreck of a malt.

Gordon & MacPhail Old Pulteney 1965 (34 Years old) 40%

Dist: 1965 Btl; 1999/ Tasted: Feb 2006

A very intense nose of saline laced orange fruit. Very fresh for its age with an almost fino sherry like character along with some mature wood notes and smoke. The palate is much like the nose with a huge amount of salty mature orange fruit, cinnamon, menthol and eucalyptus notes. Very long with the saltiness lasting.


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