Dewar Rattray Pulteney Tasting Notes

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Pulteney, Scotch Whisky H-Z

Dewar Rattray Pulteney 2007 (6 year old) 64.1%

Bourbon Cask 700741/ Dist: 2007 Btl: 2013/ Tasted: Oct 2013

A huge blast of citrus greets the nose with white fruit, apricot and lime. The fruit has a delicious tropical edge with hints of sweet-ish barley and luscious honey. Really salty and really zingy. Wow this is seriously good and a serious fruit monster. It’s so fruity that the alcohol is almost completely hidden! 

The palate is dry and salty with plenty of alcohol (surprise!) However the fruity promise of the nose carries through on to the palate with luscious honey coated lightly tropical apricot, banana, apple with hints of straw, barley and sweet spices. It comes as no surprise that the intense alcohol masks the finish. 

A drop of water does knock back the exuberant fruitiness of the nsoe but emphasises the citrus and brings out a light castor sugar dusting. The palate is softer with again less emphasis on the fruit, but it brings out the barley. A little simpler but rounder and less alcoholic! However it is still a lovely citrus, lightly grassy and salty mouthful! Yes, that salt really lingers. Excellent fun!

Dewar Rattray Pulteney 1982 (27year old) 47.7%

Bourbon cask 502/ Dist: 1982 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: Apr 2009

Once past the brief hessian and bung cloth note it reveals a majestic depth of rich, mature honey and an intimation of coastal fruit. Very mellow with a burst of late exotic orange fruit and a touch of coffee-cream. The coffee-cream notes build on the palate to mingle with the mature honey and barley. Gentle coastal notes drift in and there is a suggestion of peat and earth. Superb balance between the spirit and the wood – So harmonious! The alcohol keeps the palate lively and the clean barley sugargets a look in at the finale, leaving behind a lovely, malty, coastal mouth coating. 

Water really brings out a briny note along with some iodine and Coal Ila-like garden fruits. The vanilla oak also asserts itself. It does much the same for the palate, although it does make the palate quiet sugarcoated, which is why I would opt to drink it neat. 

Dewar Rattray Pulteney 1982 (27 year old) 53.5%

Sherry But 504/ Dist: 1982 Btl; 2009/ Tasted: 2010

A big, herbal Sherry cask. All pervasive and enigmatic. Woody orange fruit mingles with a myriad of wood spices and dried raisins, figs. If it wasn’t for the subtle coastal element pushing its way through it would be a dead ringer for an old sherried Glen grant. Venerable but dripping in sherry infused honey. Some perfumed violet notes emerge as does some earthy dark chocolate, light menthol and bog myrtle. 

The palate pretty much mirrors the nose, opening with the big, herbal orange fruit. Mature and dripping in sherry spices and supple tannins. There’s dried fruit aplenty with raisins, figs and prunes. Lush honey coated with spicy/ woody sprinkles! But where has the coastal character disappeared to? 

A drop of water makes no difference to the nose, but it makes the palate a tad watery and it fells like it is starting to fall apart. This is definitely a dram for sherry cask lovers and best drunk neat.


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