Douglas McGibbon Ardmore Tasting Notes

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Ardmore, Scotch Whisky A-G

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Ardmore 2003 (7 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV0690/ Dist: Sept 2003 Btl: Sept 2011/ Tasted: Sept 2011

As expected the nose is high toned and botanical, reeking of ‘off the still’ cereal along with a slightly damp/ wet leaves note. It’s a baby really! The palate pretty much follows the same course opening with some sweet cereal and a touch of nascent peat/ soot, but not much else. The finish is tart and alcoholic.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Ardmore 2003 (9 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV0966/ Dist: Sept 2003 Btl: Feb 2013/ Tasted: Feb 2013

The nose opens with a lovely barley sweetness followed by some white fruit and charred woody-peat. Quite baked fruit in style with a touch of earth but a refreshing  citrus edge. 

Soft and biscuity with a hint of fudge to begin with on the palate. It opens to display a good depth of sweet-ish barley, white fruit, light earthy-peat, malt, ash and tar. Quite charming with a lingering soft peat and charred wood note.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Ardmore ‘Young & Fiesty’ 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV1022/ Tasted: Sept 2013

A youthful, cereally and lightly oiled nose. It’s still wearing nappies! There’s hints of smoked meat and ashy peat along with a nascent slightly sweet barely note. 

The palate is young and cereally with a light barley and light, earthy-peat note. Dry and smoky middle. Good length with a light floral note and sweet barley amongst the slightly sweetened coal smoke. Surprisingly long with a very drying finish.


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