Dewar Rattray Miltonduff Tasting Notes

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Mitonduff, Scotch Whisky H-Z

A.D Rattray Miltonduff 2009 (7 year old) 64.2%

Bourbon Cask No 900485/ Dist 2009 Btl: 2016/ Tasted: Nov 2016

The nose open with a big blast of smoky bacon, malt and grist. Pungently herbal with treacle, malt and more malt! Slightly balsamic and leathery. Man, that is a chunky nose!

The palate is smoky and malty with treacle, liquorice and smoked meat. Chunky, slightly spicy and foursquare with a slightly masked, but mouth-wateringly herbal finish.

The nose is still pretty malty even after dilution, but it’s not quite as meaty. Still quite intense but some sugars have emerged now. The palate is softer and sweeter, like the nose it is still very malty with subtle herbs and treacle notes.

Dewar Rattray Miltonduff 1995 (18 year old) 58.5%

Bourbon Cask 2591/ Dist: 1995 Btl: 2013/ Tasted: Oct 2013

A lavishly honeyed nose. Very herbal with hints of pine resin and heather. Classic Miltonduff aromas! Add in some chunky barley liberally coated with granulated sugar and hints of sawdusty oak and you have a very pleasant nose.

The palate is quite dry, leading off with the barley and loads of alcohol! There are hints of apricot, thick honey and juicy spices but the intensity of the alcohol masks. Very herbal on the middle with a lovely, light coffee fade. It definitely needs a drop of water!

Dilution makes the nose oilier and brings out some light smoke, dark malt and sun dried fruit. The honey has become lightly fragrant and the coffee notes are more noticeable as is the tight grained mature oak. The palate is softer now and lightly honeyed. Now showing a pleasant depth of gentle white fruit. It’s less full now and a little linear but the old oak and grainy coffee notes linger.

Dewar Rattray Miltonduff 1995 (18 year old) 56%

Bourbon Cask 2592/ Dist: 1995 Btl: Oct 2013/ Tasted: Nov 2013

An earthy, herbal and edgy nose, which is a little spirity to begin with. However it’s pleasantly complex with hints of heather, gorse and earthy barley. With time the aromas begin to fill out and start to resemble an old, dusty Spey. That oak is gorgeous. Wonderfully sawdusty with warm butter toffee, coffee and shortbread biscuit aromas.

The palate is earthy, dark and grainy with old heather and violet notes. The sawdusty oak comes through on the middle with a good dollop of herbal, nutty marzipan and tongue tingling spices. The dusty oak and violet notes return on the finish, making it feel a lot older than its years.

With water the nose becomes subtler and simpler with just a light sugared honey note remaining plus some light heather, coffee and herbs. On the palate the oak has had its way with this malt. Again sugary and simple with some oily fruit, coffee and heather. Short and dusty finish.

Dewar Rattray Miltonduff 1980 (27 year old) 51.9%

Bourbon Cask 12499/ Dist: 1980 Btl: 2007/ Tasted: Mar 2007

A pleasant nose of rich orange fruit tea, vanilla, mature honey, floor polish and herbs. In fact with time it becomes very herbal with plenty of leafy fauna character and a lovely maturity.

The palate opens with herbal infused fruit, heather, wood and fruit tea. Very dry with a light oiliness and some developing floor polish and mature honey nuances. Surprisingly salty on the finish, it has an almostGuyanarum like rancio to it.

Water emphasisies the coffee, orange fruit and floor polish on the nose and brings out a rose petal top note. On the palate it lengthens and softens the dry, stalky wood tannins and allows the mature honey to shine.

Dewar Rattray Miltonduff 1980 (30 year old) 44.5%

Bourbon cask 12427/ Dist: 1980 Btl: 2011/ Tasted: Feb 2011

An old, woody and acserbic nose. Quite murky yet underneath some lightly herbal, juicy fruit lurks beneath some buttery aftershave like oak. It would appear that a poor quality cask has spoily some good spirit.

The palate is not as murky as the nose but the fusty old wood grips the spirit in a vice like embrace. Almost industrial and the fleeting glimpse of fruitiness and heatheriness again confirms ones suspicions about the quality of the oak. Shame.

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