Dewar Rattray Lochside Tasting Notes

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Lochside, Scotch Whisky A-G

Dewar Rattray Lochside 1987 (21 year old) 59.8%

Refill Hogshead – Cask 20621/ Dist: Oct 1987 Btl: Nov 2008/ Tasted: Nov 2008

The oak arrives like a speeding train, all big and toffee’d followed by mature honey, beeswax, gentle tangerine and satsuma fruit. There’s even a slightly medicinal peat note. Oily in the mouth, but quiet light in texture and dry with plenty of wood tannins and spice. Some orange fruit and barley comes through but it’s a bit short and alcohol dominated.

Water emphasises the oak and the peat note disappears. It softens the palate, bringing out a candied sweetness along with a suggestion of coconut. The finish is still a tad dried out and is interspersed with hints of dried fruit. Nothing wrong with the quality there’s just a bit too much oak for my liking.


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