Douglas McGibbons Laphroaig Tasting Notes

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Laphroaig, Scotch Whisky A-G

Douglas McGibbons Provenance Laphroaig 1998 (8 year old) 46%

Bourbon Casks DMG 3868 + 69/ Dist: 1998 Btl: 2007/ Tasted: May 2009

A pungent, rubbery nose. Classic medicinal, bog myrtle and iodine encased peat.

The palate is a bit immature. Opening with vanilla oak and followed by the usual – medicinal peat, grass, bog myrtle, iodine, rubber, seaweed and an alcohol content that seems a lot higher than 46%. A bit short with a coal dust finish. Water mutes the nose somewhat, accentuating its fish oil character. The palate now has a distinctly charred character. Maybe it was a re-charred cask and frankly it’s not one of their best, maybe that’s why it was sold? In saying that there is a semblance of fruit.

Douglas McGibbons Provenance Laphroaig 2001 (8 year old) 46%

Bourbon Casks DMG 5095 + 96/ Dist: 2001 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: July 2010

A fresh, briny and phenolic nose. Gentle-ish peat, tar and bog myrtle with some lovely, almost tropical fruit beneath. The palate is gentle with peat briquettes and a touch of tar. Gets smokier towards the middle, although not quite as fruity as the nose suggests. Good depth Good length with peat and pepper notes.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Laphroaig 2005 (8 year old) 46%

Code: PRV1114/ Dist: Nov 2005 Btl: Sept 2014/ Tasted: Oct 2014

Quite tarry and malty on the nose with plenty of dense peat, iodine and medicinal notes. A lovely, sharp lemon note comes through along with hints of kippers and dusty peat. 

The palate opens with the dusty, earthy peat before moving into coal smoke and tar. Whoa! This is a bit of a peat monster. Lightly herbal on the middle with bog myrtle, but the peat is still rampaging! Very long with, guess what? Yep. Lingering peat…… and tar and creosote. Definitely one for the peat freaks!

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Laphroaig 2001 (10 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV0704/ Dist: Feb 2001 Btl: June 2011/ Tasted: June 2011

A lovely, youthful, sweetly honeyed, violety tinged nose. Resplendant with plenty of fish oils, earthy/ manurey peat and tar. In fact I would say that it is ‘rude peat’, you know the really stinky type! Although it’s quite honeyed it’s still raw and edgy – It’s a young ‘phroaig! But…. It has depth and a relative complexity.

On the palate it is quite subtle and sweet for a ‘phroaig. It opens with some gentle orange fruit and barley, which leads into a seriously gristy, smoky, malty, coal dust middle. It slowly ambles off in that fashion to the end. Wow that’s a damn dense and malty ‘phroaig! Excellent.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Laphroaig 2001 (10 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV0722/ Dist: Feb 2001 Btl: Sept 2011/ Tasted: Sept 2011

Initially the nose is rather muted and oily but given some time the youthful peat gets going. The sweetness builds as do some sweet, malty, biscuity aromas. Lightly phenolic and smoky, and I would imagine mainland matured judging by the lack of coastal character.

The palate opens with sweet, malt biscuits and burnt toast, followed by some sweet, sooty peat. Quite full and rounded with the peat, although relatively subtle lingering, with the addition of some late liquorice and rubber. Again distinctly un-coastal, well, maybe there is a bit of salinity in the finish.

I suppose if this was retailing for say around £35, I would say that it’s not to bad value for money, but with a price tag of around £50, I’m not convinced.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Laphroaig 2001 (10 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV0755/ Dist Feb 2001 Btl: Dec 2011/ Tasted: Dec 2011

A young and sweetly phenolic ‘phroaig. Plenty of malt and dusty peat with a sweet edge. 

The palate opens with an abundant tarriness. The oils mingle with the peat ash and coal dust notes, but it is quite a sweetie! Definitely young and intense with a dry, malty, dusty, spice laden finish.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Laphroaig 2002 (10 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV0982/ Dist: Oct 2002 Btl: Apr 2013/ Tasted: May 2013

A classic, crisp and briny ‘phroaig! Hints of iodine and bog myrtle along with a manurey/ tarry edge. 

The palate opens with a barley sweet softness. Maybe a little less Islay in character to begin with but the medicinal, bonfire, peat smoke and tar notes build. Quite a subtle ‘phroaig with a lovely, fresh, briny middle. A long, dusty, tarry peat finish with hints of herbs and creosote.

Douglas McGibbon Provenance Laphroaig 2001(?) (12 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PRV1001/ Dist: 2001(?) Btl: June 2013/ Tasted: July 2013

The nose is exceedingly stinky and manure. A huge whiff of sheep poo-peat! Slightly coastal with treacle, dark coff, malt and tar notes. Underneath all that is some sweet barley though. 

The palate is full and vanilla’d. Quite oaky for a ‘phroaig. The earthy, manure-peat is tempered by the sweet barley and vanilla. Gently coastal with a light herbal, medicinal finish but again the vanilla holds along with a light crystallised sugar note.


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