Single Malts of Scotland Highland Park Tasting Notes

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Highland Park, Scotch Whisky A-G

Single Malts of Scotland (Whisky Exchange) Highland Park 13 year old 46%

Bourbon/ Tasted: Apr 2010

A pleasant nose, crisp and briny with loads of heather infused honey, menthol and herbs with a noticeable peat note at the edges. Over time it develops quite a candied sweetness and the vanilla oak emerges.

Soft on the palate, very dry with gentle herbal honey, brine, cream soda and heather. Opens into a good, fishy, briny middle imbued with a soupcon of peat. Lovely length with salty rose water and the oak bittering out at the death, leaving a coffee-hessian-bung cloth after taste. Not bad for a bourbon casked HP.

Single Malts of Scotland Highland Park 1998 (15 Year Old?) 57.4%

Tasted: Oct 2013

Nose: Big, clean, coffee’d Oloroso sherry nose. Slightly balsamic with hints of manure and dried fruit, but the balsamic note increases in intensity. Eventually it becomes a little perfumed with some slight duty spice appearing.

Palate: Quite tannic but some pleasantly soft dark treacle and Oloroso dried fruit offsets. Very clean with a developing coffee along with some balsamic and salty notes

Finish: Quite long, dry and tannic with some mouth-watering dried fruit and violets

Conclusion: A clean sherry monster, sans distillery character!


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