James MacArthur Glen Elgin Tasting Notes

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Glen Elgin, Scotch Whisky A-G

James MacArthur Old Masters Glen Elgin 1995 (16 year old) 56.4%

Bourbon Cask 1660/ Dist: 1995 Btl: 2013/ Tasted: Dec 2013

Quite floral aromas of midnight violet, Satsuma and malt along with a light treacle note. Full and grainy with nippy spices, lightly sawdusty oak and a touch of cereal/ flax.  Giving it some time in the glass allows the aromas to deepen and begin to show more maturity and deliciously sawdusty oak.

The palate is soft and malty, liberally laden with dusty spices and sawdusty oak, which gives it a feeling of greater age. Tart and taught on the middle with apricot, straw and some light herbal notes. The finish is so juicy and mouth-watering with a hint of bittering oak and midnight violets.

Dilution emphasises the sweet tangerine/ Satsuma fruit, whilst the palate shows more juicy citrus and barley whilst brining out a touch more spices in the finish. However I feel there isn’t really the necessity for water.

James MacArthur Old Masters Glen Elgin 1991 (17 year old)

Sherry Cask 2598/ Dist: 1991 Btl: 2009/ Tasted: May 2010

Exceptionally clean, slightly leafy sherry cask. Plenty of robust coffee, liquorice and earthy-spices, mingle with pure molten honey. Very fruity with a delightful sweetness, a touch of malt and oak vanillins, spearmint and a slight perfumed/ floral note.

Delicately sherried, again a touch leafy with huge coffee grains marauding and the tannins building pleasantly. It becomes exceedingly leafy on the middle with that spearmint note appearing along with an undercurrent of earthy barley. A wonderfully clean cask with a slight botanical and bitter toffee finish.

With water the nose opens with a joyous sugar frosted tangerine/ satsuma melange. This citrus thread subdues the cask but it comes back with a spicy dark, liquorice/ toffee note. The palate is lighter and a touch more oilier, yet still robust. A wonderfully clean sherry cask.


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