Dewar Rattray Caperdonich Tasting Notes

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Caperdonich, Scotch Whisky A-G

Dewar Rattray Caperdonich 1992 (21 year old) 59.5%

Bourbon cask 121124/ Dist: 1992 Btl: 2014/ Tasted: Jan 2014

The nose is a little hot and spirity, but it displays some rather pleasant syrup coated, pithy raspberry, hints of malt, treacle, straw and liquorice. The aromas deepen with time and display some malty-barley, milk chocolate and herbal spirity.

The palate is full and dry, opening with husky barley, glue, malt, liquorice and treacle. The alcohol masks the finish and makes it a little hot, however the treacle lingers.

Dilution makes the nose quite oily and dusty. A little hard with a hint of barley. The palate has become a tad watery but it has some pleasant sugared moments.

Dewar Rattray Caperdonich 1980 (25 year old) 53.1%

Bourbon Cask 7356/ Dist: Oct 1980 Btl: Oct 2006/ Tasted: Sept 2006

A touch spirit on the nose wioth some grassy, high toned orange fruit along with a slight cardboard note. Some late, fresh barley adds a modicum of interest and with time it becomes a lot grassier and the fruit becomes quite icing sugar coated. Thankfully that covers the cardboard.

The palate is sharp and biting with crisp barley, loght honey and wood tannins. The alcohol masks but there is a slight cardboard note and an all too brief citrus note. Not much of a finish to speak of apart from the alcohol,

With water the nose becomes confected cardboard city! The palate is much the same as the nose and displays a sort of glue like note. I think we can safely say that the spirit is creaking!

Dewar Rattray Caperdonich 1980 (26 year old) 56.2%

Bourbon Cask 7340/ Dist: Oct 1980 Btl: Sept 2007/ Tasted: Oct 2007

This bottling wasn’t poor, it was an enigma! What do I mean by that? Well it had a real feeling of density on the nose but it actually gave very little away and I struggled to pin point any particular aromas.

On the palate it again was quiet dense but it was all a bit evanescent and ultimately uninspiring. Maybe I was being a bit hard on it, but with nearly a £75 retail price I know that in my heart I just couldn’t recommend it.

Dewar Rattray Caperdonich 1995 (15 year old) 60.4%

Bourbon Cask 95052/ Dist: 1995 Btl: May 2011

Quite peated by Caper standards, but the peat has a lovely sweet edge but then it becomes quite metallic with some creosote notes and an almost hot-sulphur-vegetal character. One things those still were pushed a tad hard when this was distilled. Yes, there is some pleasant light herbal-honey and a touch of oak, but…..

The palate displays that hot-sulphur-vegetal character and to be honest is somewhat thin and cardboardy with a semblance of fruit and a touch of peat. The intense alcohol emphasises the vegetalness and the finish is rather bitter.

Adding water thins the aromas out even more, ok it adds a touch of liquorice root but it definitely emphasises the sulphur. The palate is pure sulphurous sugar water. Caperdonich can be a bit hit and miss at times and this one is a definite miss I’m afraid.


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