Douglas Laing Auchentoshan Tasting Notes

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Auchtentoshan, Scotch Whisky A-G

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Auchentoshan 1997 (13 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC1985/ Dist: Dec 1997 Btl: Sept 2011/ Tasted: Sept 2011

The nose comes as a complete shock. It’s very sweet, honeyed and almost tropical. Most unusual!! This is followed by hints of cider apples and malt vinegar, which is not entirely unpleasant. Although the aromas are quite sweet there is a balancing citrus freshness and a slight earthiness to it.

The palate is soft and rounded, slightly honeyed with some gently oiled, slightly floral yellow fruits. Again this is most unusual for ‘Toshan, but the spell is kind of broken as it shows it’s industrial side toward the end – I mean it’s still ‘Toshan after all! Good length with hints of rose petals in the finish. On the balance of things it’s not bad – really!

Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask Achentoshan 1997 (14 year old) 50%

Bourbon/ Code: OMC2167/ Dist: Sept 1997 Btl: June 2012/ Tasted: June 2012

A lovely, crisp, citrusy nose of white fruit and creamy oak intermingles with hints of light spice, sweet barley and earth. Really rather pleasant.

The palate opens with the sweet barley and some fleshy fruit. In fact it is quite broad for a ‘toshan. Very citrusy on the middle with hints of apricot, white pear and light banana along with some chewy oak, which adds to the weight. Excellent length with a softly spiced finish and the citrus holding out to the end.


Douglas Laing Old Particular Auchentoshan 2000 (14 year old) 48.4%

Bourbon/ Code: OLD0184/ Dist: Sept 2000 Btl: Feb 2015/ Tasted: Jun 2015

A floral nose of sweet barley, white fruit, elderflower, violets and boiled sweets. Good depth with hints of vanilla.

Soft and lightly honeyed on the palate with boiled sweets, barley, granulated sugar and a touch of citrus. Elegant and with a good depth. Long and sweetly spiced finish

Douglas Laing Old Particular Auchentoshan 1997 (16 year old) 48.4%

Bourbon/ Code: OLD0078/ Dist: Nov 97 Btl: Jan 14/ Tasted: Feb 14

A very subtle nose, even by ‘toshan standards. Hints of barley and high toned white fruit. A little ephemeral with the oak coming through with coffee and fudge notes.

Hints of old rose petals, straw, barley and slightly fudgy/ creamy/ buttery oak. Reasonable length with a sweet spice finish.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Auchentoshan 1998(?) (16 year old) 48.4%

Code: OLD0123/ Dist: 1998(?) Btl: Aug 2014/ Tasted: Sept 2014

The nose is a little high toned and quite grainy with hints of oily dried fruit, malt and fragrant barley. With time hints of coffee and floral notes appear.

The palate is very soft and subtle with light barley, oily dried fruit and hints of coffee and malt. Some sharp citrus and sweetish barley come through on the middle and finish.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Auchentoshan 1997 (17 year old) 48.4%

Bourbon/ Code: OLD0175/ Dist: Nov 1997 Btl: Jan 2015/ Tasted: Feb 2015

Very sweet aromas of rose Turkish delight bath crystals. Seriously floral with butter cream, strawberry gateaux and a touch of citrus.

The palate is equally as sweet with again with a distinct strawberry gateaux and cream character. Hints of barley sugar and light toffee follow. Long and sweet with a slight, syrupy spice finish.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Auchentoshan 1997 (18 year old) 48.4%

Virgin Oak Hogshead/ Code: OLD0325/ DL11203

Dist: Dec 1997 Btl: Jun 2016/ Tasted: Oct 2016

A dense and full nose. The virgin oak is making it feel quite chunky, but like the virgin oak edition bottled buy the distillery itself, the spirit stands up to the oak pretty well. Hints of brown sugar, rose petals and pepper come through along with a late Turkish delight note.

The palate is full and rich. Again quite chunky, but elegant with rose oil, barley and hints of black pepper and leather. Again the oak is well balanced and the finish is long and subtly spiced with lingering rose Turkish delight and citrus.


Douglas Laing Premier Barrel Auchentoshan 1998 (11 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PBR0099/ Dist: Dec 1998 Btl: July 2011/ Tasted: July 2011

The nose is hugely peppery. In fact it has more than a passing resemblance to Tequila. Actually its white pleasant for a young ‘Toshan with a touch of white flowers and some background oak.

The palate is syrupy sweet and like the nose very peppery and Tequila-esque. There are hints of straw and winey notes galore. Very interesting and not too bad for a young ‘Toshan.

Douglas Laing Premier Barrel Auchentoshan 2000 (11 year old) 46%

Bourbon/ Code: PBR0109/ Dist Mar 2000 Btl: Nov 2011/ Tasted: Nov 2011

Oh yes, it’s young ‘toshan! Quite spicy on the nose with hints of decomposing flora and fauna. With time it becomes rather confected with hints of manure and marc-like notes.

The palate opens with some bitter, peppery spices, followed by sweet malt and vanilla ice cream. Actually it’s quite clean and soft with some fresh rose petal notes on the middle. Good length with the peppery notes returning. All the while that sweet vanilla ice cream notes blanket the palate. Pleasant palate, shame about the nose!


Douglas Laing Provenance Auchentoshan 2002 (14 year old) 46%

Refill Bourbon Hogshead/ Code: PRV1234/ DL11490

Dist: Oct 2002 Btl: Nov 2016/ Tasted: Jan 2017

Very sweet and rose petally aromas with Turkish delight, rose oil and strawberry mousse. Really sweet and just this side of sickly.

The palate is as sweet as the nose suggests with strawberry mousse and rose Turkish delight. Straightforward with a slightly mineral finish.


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