Carn Mor Ben Nevis Tasting Notes

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Ben Nevis, Scotch Whisky A-G

Carn Mor Ben Nevis 1997 (11 year old) 46%

Bourbon Hogshead 252/ Dist: 1997 Btl: 2008/ Tasted: Nov 2010

The nose is a touch on the high toned side, but displays plenty of bready/ doughy distillery character along with hints of honey and grass. The palate is quite sweet, with some body and a pleasant pure honey sweetness along with hints of grass, malt and dough. It’s a bit on the short side with a granity hard finish and an almost sherbet fizz finish.


Carn Mor Strictly Limited Ben Nevis 1998 (16 year old) 46%

Fino Sherry Cask/ Dist: 1998 Btl: 2014/ Tasted: Mar 2015

A full and fleshy nose of granulated sugar coated banana, apricot and tropical fruit – greengage and melon, clear honey, soft, succulent spice and malt appear along with a serious minerality. I have never come across such a minerally and fruity Nevis before! Finally a light, dried grape sherry note appears.

The palate displays more creamy toffee, which along with the bitter French coffee grains takes the edge of the fruitiness. It feels more typically malty/ bready Nevis now with hints of dried fruit and moist barley. Lovely length with a mouth-wateringly juicy finish. A little drying spices comes in on the finish as does a lot of malt and a fleeting light peat note.


Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask Ben Nevis 1997 (17 year old) 52.8%

Sherry Butt 81/ Dist: Feb 1997 Btl: June 2014/ Tasted: Mar 2015

A huge, herbal Oloroso nose and I mean very herbal! Some trademark malty. Bready notes can be discerned, which is amazing along with dried orange, thyme, kafir lime leaves, hickory, camp coffee and earth/ soil.

The palate is lightly tannic and gritty but soft with loads of treacle coated raisins. Slightly herbal, although not as much as the nose with date and walnuts. Medium length, gently spiced but the sweet, dried fruit linger. Pleasant, malty, coffee’d after-taste.

  1. Keiron says:

    Was this the small bottle we tasted together? Really can’t remember.

  2. gauntleys says:

    It could well be!

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